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Educating Women

Women's Help and Care provides support, professional attire and development/training tools by offering free English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, Information Technology and resume training, nutrition and health educational materials, and other training services to help women achieve economic independence and mental health tranquility.


Social Support for Women Veterans

Women's Help and Care helps women veterans suffering from PTSD, loneliness, depression, sexual trauma, and other personal crises that female veterans face, transition to a new life by offering physical and emotional support.

Support for Women Suffering from Domestic Violence

Women's Help and Care provides information on domestic violence laws and procedures.  Assists with further help and guidance on how to navigate next steps while addressing a survivor's immediate needs.


Providing Food
& Shelter

Women often have difficulties choosing to leave an abusive partner if they don't feel they have somewhere safe to go.  Women's Help and Care helps women to identify a support network to assist with physical needs like housing, food, and mobility as applicable.


Access to Healthcare

Women's Help and Care provides transportation (bus/Lyft/Uber fare or gas money) to the hospital, counseling appointments and other immediate places of need.

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